Independent Flyash Brokers Pty Ltd together with its external marketing company Millmerran Flyash Pty Ltd is an independent processor and marketer of coal combustion products, operating out of the Millmerran power station in South East Queensland.

Independent Flyash Brokers is the first truly independent processor and marketer of CCPs in Queensland, and supplies products predominantly into the south east of QLD and northern New South Wales.

Independent Flyash Brokers is proudly Australian owned, and its shareholders are Queensland based family owned businesses.



Independent Flyash Brokers is quality assured under SAI Global ISO 9001:2015 certification and is regularly audited for compliance.

Millmerran Classified Flyash complies with Australian Standard AS3582.1 Part 1. Independent Flyash Brokers Pty Ltd is registered with the Construction Materials Registration Scheme and is an approved supplier for Queensland Transport and Main Roads and New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services.



Located at the Millmerran Power Station, Independent Flyash Brokers has invested heavily in infrastructure to enable continuous, outage proof supply of high quality ash products to our customers.

With 3,000 tonnes of silo storage on site, and 2 x AB triple rated weighbridges, queuing and truck loading times are minimised and surety of supply is certain. The site is operational 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The truck loading facility is accessed via a dedicated all weather access road, and is located outside the power station operating area.



  • Classified (Cement Grade) Flyash

  • Unclassified (Run of Station) Flyash



Millmerran Power Station is an 850 MW black coal fired power plant located approximately 100km west of Toowoomba in southern Queensland. Commissioned in 2003, it is one of the most energy efficient, reliable and environmentally advanced coal fired projects in Australia. Coal is sourced exclusively from the Commodore open cut coal mine, located adjacent to the power station – allowing for low cost, consistent, high quality feed product for the plant.

Utilising supercritical boiler technology and low NOx burners, Millmerran is a base load operation, configured with 2 x 425 MW units. This configuration allows for continuous production, year round, even when one unit is offline for maintenance.

Millmerran draws recycled waste water from Toowoomba’s sewage treatment plant, and utilises air cooled condensers, which reduce water consumption as much as 90% over the traditional cooling towers utilised at other power stations.

Millmerran Power Station is operated by Millmerran Operating Company, a subsidiary of Genuity. Genuity is a global power generation firm with operational facilities in Queensland, Australia.



Flyash, and other coal combustion products are produced when burning black coal in the furnace of a coal fired power station.

Flyash is a fine grey powder that is entrained with flue gases as they exit the boiler. The Millmerran Power Station uses baghouse filters to capture the ash before the flue gases reach the chimney stack. Flyash in mainly utilised in concrete and cement production. It acts as a supplementary cementitious product which improves the strength, durability and workability of concrete.